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Severe Macaw

Wholesale Bird & Cage Severe Macaw for sale

Feeding & Care

Do not feed birds fruit seeds, avocados, chocolate, onions, apple seeds, uncooked beans, uncooked rice, alcohol or caffeine as these can cause serious medical problems, and kill them

A Severe's diet should consist of 70% pellets, 30% fresh fruit & veggies.

Severe Macaws need a large amount of training, socialization, and mental stimulation due to a large amount of energy, and curiosity. If not socialized well, trained properly, and have enough mental stimulation Severe Macaws can turn into aggressive biters or "one person" birds

Severe Macaws love to chew things, and are very strong for their size so plenty of toys of multiple types should be provided to keep them stimulated. If not socialized or stimulated enough Severe Macaws will quickly turn to self mutilation, and aggressive behaviors.

They need a variety of different sized perches to help exercise, and stretch their feet.

Wholesale Bird & Cage Severe Macaw for sale


Severe Macaws need a lot of mental stimulation to remain happy and healthy. These birds should be given puzzles, games, toys, and interacted with on a daily basis to ensure they do not become bored.


Severe Macaws are mostly green in color with patches of red and blue on the wings. The head has a brown patch just above the beak which has also earned them the name Chestnut Fronted Macaw. The beak is black and the patches around the eyes are white with lines of small black feathers.

Wholesale Bird & Cage Severe Macaw for sale


Personality wise, these birds are fantastic. Though they have not had hundreds of years of selective breeding to domesticate their personalities which means they still retain much of their natural, and wild behaviors. Severe Macaws still make fantastic pets if handfed and well socialized at a young age.

Severe Macaws live up to 50 years, but some are living up to 85 years due to better care available for companion birds today. Thought, and consideration should go into the purchasing of a companion bird because these are lifetime companions.