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White Cap Pionus

Wholesale Bird & Cage White Cap Pionus for sale

Feeding & Care

Do not feed birds fruit seeds, avocados, chocolate, onions, apple seeds, uncooked beans, uncooked rice, alcohol or caffeine as these can cause serious medical problems, and kill them

A White Cap Pionus diet should consist of 70% pellets, 30% fresh fruit & veggies.

They need a lot of social interaction both direct with members of your household, and indirect out of cage time where they can see and be part of your "flock" .

They love to chew which is why they need a variety of toys to keep them mentally stimulated, and from getting bored which can lead to self mutilation.

They need a variety of different sized perches to help exercise, and stretch their feet.

Wholesale Bird & Cage White Cap Pionus for sale


White Cap Pionus are filled with personality, loving, and like to spend time with their owners or what they consider their "flock" . They're also feisty, and can be trouble makers. One of their favorite challenges, and games is to see if they can escape from their cage. They are especially prone to this if not given an adequate amount of toys to keep them occupied.


White Cap Pionus have of course a white cap on the front of their heads. The rest of their body is a beautiful barrage of greens, grays, and blues that fade back and forth white some white under wing feathers, and the underside of their tail being green, and white.

Wholesale Bird & Cage White Cap Pionus for sale


White Cap's are very friendly birds when socialized well. They are very curious, and mischievous birds who like to hide things, and try to escape just for a challenge. This makes plenty of toys, and foraging toys a must.

White Cap Pionus live about 40 years, but the full life span as a companion bird is not well known due to the fact that until just recently the White Cap Pionus was rarely kept as a pet. Due to that they are uncommon, and rare to which they are normally found through breeders, but a few select stores do carry them. Thought, and consideration should go into the purchasing of a companion bird because these are lifetime companions.