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Bird Food & Nutrition

bird food and nutrition

To ensure the highest quality of product we currently do not ship dietary itmes.

Feeding your bird the right food is important. Once you find out what your birds nutritional needs are, we can supply the food at wholesale prices!

We carry the bird-appropriate food for every species of bird that we sell, and more including baby formula. We carry food from 1lb packages up tp 50 pounds including Zupreem, dried fruits, seed, and bird safe nuts.

If you are unsure about your birds nutritional needs our staff will gladly help you in finding the right food, and give nutritional advice if needed.


Roudybush Pellets

Caitec Oven Fresh Bites

Higgins Seed

Zupreem Pellets

Pretty Bird Pellets

LaFeber Nutri Berries

L'Avian Seed

Kaytee Handfeeding Formula

Birdie Brunch

Smackers Snack Sticks

Fresh Nuts

Dried Fruit Veggies

Fresh Spray Millet