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phoenix a camilla macaw
Phoenix - Camilla Macaw

cleo a congo african grey
Cleo - Congo African Grey

maynard a timneh african grey
Maynard - Timneh African Grey

lucy a blue and gold macaw
Lucy - Blue & Gold Macaw

colby a severe macaw
Colby - Severe Macaw

baby a military macaw
Baby - Military Macaw

emma a green wing macaw
Emma - Greenwing Macaw

gizmo a goffin cockatoo
Gizmo - Goffin Cockatoo

jester a maui sunrise macaw
Jester - Maui Sunrise Macaw

beeper a red headed mexican amazon
Beeper - Mexican Red Headed Amazon

lolita a greenwing macaw
Lolita - Greenwing Macaw

isabel a greenwing macaw
Isabel - Greenwing Macaw