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sweetie a cinnamon cockatiel
Sweetie - Cinnamon Cockatiel

sydney a baby blue and gold
Sydney - Baby Blue & Gold

milo a yellow crowned amazon
Milo - Yellow Crowned Amazon

duncan an umbrella cockatoo
Duncan - Umbrella Cockatoo

freckles a lutino cockatiel
Freckles - Lutino Cockatiel

ayla a grey cockatiel
Ayla - Grey Cockatiel

aubrey and houdini pineapple and yellow sided conures
(Left) Aubrey (Right) Houdini - (Left) Pineapple Conure (Right) Yellow Side Green Cheek Conure

charley a congo african grey
Charley - Congo African Grey

jondalar a pied cockatiel
Jondalar - Pied Cockatiel

bobbie a blue crown conure
Bobbi - Blue Crown Conure

boomer an umbrella cockatoo
Boomer - Umbrella Cockatoo

Hamlet a peach faced lovebird
Hamlet - Peach Faced Lovebird