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Terry an Alexandrian Parakeet
Terry - Alexandrian Parakeet

Stormy a Congo African Grey
Stormy - Congo African Grey

wallace a kakariki
Wallace - Kakariki

anakin a cinnamon green cheek conure
Anakin - Cinnamon Green Cheek Conure

Blaize a Scarlet Macaw
Blaize - Scarlet Macaw

sarge a miltary macaw
Sarge - Military Macaw

chompers a green cheek conure
Chompers - Green Cheek Conure

annie a goffin cockatoo
Annie - Goffin Cockatoo

jasper a catalina macaw
Jasper - Catalina Macaw

khaos a congo african grey
Khaos - Congo African Grey

snackpack a pineapple green cheek conure
Snackpack - Pineapple Green Cheek Conure

maui a Maui Sunrise Macaw
Maui - Maui Sunrise Macaw