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Cosmo a Cinnamon White Face Cockatiel
Cosmo - Cinnamon White Face Cockatiel

Oliver an Alexandrine Parakeet
Oliver - Alexandrine Parakeet

Gem a Crimson Belly Conure
Gem - Crimson Belly Conure

Mango a Goffin Cockatoo
Mango - Goffin Cockatoo

Ford a Blue Headed Pionus
Ford - Blue Headed Pionus

Sammy a Green Cheek Conure
Sammy - Green Cheek Conure

Keegan a Blue Heaaded Pionus
Keegan - Blue Headed Pionus

Diesel a Maxicap Pionus
Diesel - Maxicap Pionus

KC a Senegal
KC - Senegal

Pteechka a Pineapple Conure
Pteechka - Pineapple Conure

Olivia a Blue Throat Macaw
Olivia - Blue Throat Macaw

Casper a Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel
Casper - Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel