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Bird Playstands

When owning or caring for a companion bird playstands are almost as important as a properly sized bird cage to ensure they stay happy, and healthy. The reasons for owning a playstand is very extensive to ensure the well bing of a companion bird.

Companion birds still retain some of their wild animal instincts, and in the wild they do not stay at their roost or nest all day. In the wild parrots fly great distances exploring, searching, and foraging for food. This not only gives them great amounts of exercise, but it helps keep their nests. amd roosts safe from predetors because in the wild if a bird was to stay at their nest or roost all day a predator would be able to easily find them, and make a quick meal of them.

Staying inside their cage all the time will lead to boredom, and anxiety from not being able to leave their roost, or explore. It can also lead to behavior issues including biting, screaming, and feather plucking which are very hard habits to break once started.

High quality bird playstands at cheap prices!
Hand made, high quality Dragon Wood bird playstands at cheap prices!

As flock animals, parrots rely on companionship for emotional health. People who socialize their parrots daily by holding them, playing with them, giving them affection, and letting them out on a playstand to be around the family report fewer behavior problems.

We have playstands made of many different types of wood including Java wood, and Dragon wood. Our Dragon Wood stands are made on site, and by hand. Custom Dragon Wood stands are available upon request. We are able to customize them to your specifications. Base size, branch size and diameter, even perch placement is up to you. If you want additional hooks for toys, food or water dishes, we'll add them.

Due to the cost of shipping, and vast options we offer when hand making a playstand to your needs we are currently only able to offer them in store.

Java wood trees for birds at cheap prices

Java wood trees for birds at cheap prices

High quality bird playstands at cheap prices